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Originally Posted by JR View Post
Colorado: Is your question (#405) to try to incite ill feelings towards LWD or is there a remote chance you are truly looking for an explanation? I find it hard to believe you are capable of asking a straight forward question but will give you the benefit of the doubt.
In the past we would help a customer with his reloads by offering a rechamber service. All he needed to do was return the barrel and include a few dummy loads. We would use a graduated reamer and incrementally remove material until the cartridge fit. Once we performed this task we would engrave a "C" on the lug so we could identify the barrel as Custom. If the load was on the extreme boundary we would engrave an "X".
So why did it take 6 months for people to get their barrels?

Why the negativity to people who buy your products and want them to work with Lead Bullets (as you advertise) and then you make sport of them in this thread? Even going to so far as to come up with a derogatory language about the rechamber?

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