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Originally Posted by eruby View Post
I just saw Taken on Fx Network (I'm behind the times) and it was just what I expected.

As always, it sucks to watch edited for TV movies as when Peter jumps off the ramp and onto the truck and lands on the street, he is not dead. They cut to a close up of Liam Neeson and then a commercial. Later, Neson says "he's dead" meaning Peter, but I didn't know that as it was edited.

How did Neeson know about 'Mr McCaan' when he went to shake down the Albanians and used Jean Claude's business card to gain entry?

I'll have to go see Taken 2 now.
You really should try to catch the expanded director's cut of "Taken," rather than the broadcast or theatrical release versions. In the latter versions, Bryan (Neeson) is shown dropping bad guys with one, or at most, two shots. In the director's cut, he never seems to put out less than three shots per target, and often seems to be emptying half a magazine into a bad guy -- much more satisfying. The Okie Corral

Also, in the "torture" sequence, the theatrical release version has Bryan clamping electrical leads to a metal chair. In the director's cut, he drives 10-penny nails into the bad guy's legs, and then clamps the leads onto the nails.

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