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Originally Posted by maxsnafu View Post
"Right on cue, the Main Stream Media is credulously reporting a spate of “Hate Crime” attacks on the UT campus—allegedly, balloons filled with bleach are being dropped on minority students."
Not uncommon at all. Guns are an even more usual example. When there is an anti/pro gun law up for vote, the "mainstream media" will typically boost stories about bad things done with guns to the point where it becomes obvious to anybody that they are trying to support a political agenda. Even if the stories are truthful, they can use their control of information in a very biased way by choosing what to report. When KY was voting on stand-your-ground/castle doctrine law a few years ago, they literally went so far that stories about people accidentally shooting themselves in the foot were front-page news in our biggest papers.

You can expect to see a variety of imaginary and manufactured "hate crimes" and discrimination stories reported, as well as many real ones getting more press than they would have at other times.
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