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WiskyT: You are an ignorant fool speaking grandiose things regarding my business. LWD is very successful, financially secure and an excellent place to work. All 19 of my employees are paid real living wages. They and their families enjoy health benefits that cover medical, dental and vision at no cost. We have paid vacations, sick leave and much, much more. Your disparaging comments towards our financial status or capabilities is unacceptable. (posts #403, 404, 406, 408) You should know you can be held responsible for slanderous implications such as these.

Colorado: Is your question (#405) to try to incite ill feelings towards LWD or is there a remote chance you are truly looking for an explanation? I find it hard to believe you are capable of asking a straight forward question but will give you the benefit of the doubt.
In the past we would help a customer with his reloads by offering a rechamber service. All he needed to do was return the barrel and include a few dummy loads. We would use a graduated reamer and incrementally remove material until the cartridge fit. Once we performed this task we would engrave a "C" on the lug so we could identify the barrel as Custom. If the load was on the extreme boundary we would engrave an "X".
This custom service could produce an issue if an unknowing customer purchased this custom chambered barrel on the open market. The new customer would think the barrel chamber tolerances are way off and return the barrel to LWD for replacement. LWD will not warentee a custom barrel chamber because it was taken out of our specifications.
Today we have a new means to satisfy our customers. We are offering our standard chamber and the "GT hole" If your reloads fall outside the standard chamber, which is great for all industry manufactured ammo, we have an acceptable means to control the (custom) issue by introducing the "GT Hole". This chamber is within industry specifications and known to fit the largest majority of reloads.

ilgunguygt: WOW.... (#409 & 415) are you for real? Hell & ice water? You are new to this discussion, you should try to ease into it...... BEFORE going full retard.

My apologies to the hundreds of sane patrons that may read through this clatter and mistake it for anything other than banter. As you can well see, the rebels have breached the gates of sensibleness and need to be slapped back to reality.

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