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Originally Posted by Wyoming View Post
P6 may have been a "dime" when they were surplussed but not any more.

It is basically a SIG 225 and if I were to pick between the two it would be the P6.

In this country the S&W is way more common and I would predict the P6 would appreciate at a faster rate and be harder to replace.

My advice is if you need money get a second job and keep both. If not, then take both to the range and see which one you shoot better and keep that one.
I hate to disagree but in my jerkwater corner of th Country I have seen many more P-6s than I have 3913LS. The last two 'batches" of P-6s were probably close to the total production of S&W 3913s. I know there were enough of them to put magazines in short supply. The 3913LS will take all 3913 mags and, in a pinch 39 series as well.
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