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Many thanks for the tips and observations. I really need to handle some of your recommendations and shoot the ones that feel best on my hand.

I agree that the Glocks are simple, reliable and inexpensive. My G19 and G26 fit me well, and both have performed flawlessly. In fact, I own 2 1/2 G19s (I bought a frame with no slide).

Silmply put, I just want to try something different in a more deluxe package. The image I have is a 9mm about the same size as G19, preferably a bit thinner. I want 10+ capacity. I hope to find (or create) a DAO trigger at about 5-7#. A polymer frame with a stainless slide would complete my ideal pistol.

H&K seems like a good place to look since I've never owned one and the brand has a stellar reputation. I'll get to the local range soon to rent a few for test shooting.

I'm sure I'll find prices are below $1,000. That was the suggested retail on H&K's web site, so market prices will be less.

Any additional thoughts will be appreciated. Thanks.

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