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Originally Posted by Arc Angel View Post
I'm going to answer your question with another question: 'Why do people fight small arms engagements with rifles and carbines rather than handguns?'

Game hunting shouldn't be about sport; it should be about eating, instead. I recently watched one of my neighbors, 'put down' three meat cattle with an assortment of 357 Magnum and 45 ACP pistols. A more gruesome, bloody, prolonged, and needlessly brutal execution of farm animals - who shouldn't have had to die that way - I've never seen!

What is more - not that I'm proud of it, but - I've, probably, killed more fowl and game animals than anyone else on this board! The first time a minister discussed my excessive love of hunting with me I remember telling him, 'Pastor, if there's no hunting in Heaven then I don't want to go there!'

Years later it took an especially knowledgeable Rabbi to explain to me - and prove through Holy Scripture - that all sport hunting is wrong. We are ALL God's creatures; and the taking of any animal's life can only be justified (and forgiven) when that animal is taken as food. No other rationale is acceptable to God.

I don't hunt anymore; but if I did it would be with large caliber (probably centerfire) rifles, and 12 gauge (or larger) shotguns. I no longer play with either sport hunting or handguns when they are used for any such purpose. I'm, now, older than that.
Ok, then it is not handguns that bother you, but sport hunting.

Using your logic, hunting with a rifle is bad too. But if it must be done, the logical conclusion is it should be done over bait to get the animal in close, maybe at night with a spotlight too. Better yet to raise your own animals and kill them at contact distance.

However, the guy making a mess up close with a handgun didn't know what he was doing, so I wouldn't put all handgun users down for that guy's mistakes. Farm animals are not generally slaughtered with .458 magnums.

But back to sport hunting, what is wrong with it? Is it that the animal might briefly suffer? Or is it that the hunter takes pleasure in the experience?

The meat eater takes pleasure in the experience of eating meat, and could instead choose to be vegetarian. So why should the sport hunter not take pleasure in the pursuit, method of killing, and the eventual eating? As we all know, the sport hunter appreciates the wild animals and helps to preserve their habitat, and keep the species thriving.

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