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Originally Posted by fnfalman View Post
So I'll sling the loaded rifle that I have in my hand so that I can play gunslinger?

"Play gunslinger"? Is that what you do in the woods?????

Getting back to the actual discussion (as opposed to the 'gunslinger' fantasies you seem to harbor), first, most people walking around in arid hill and brush country don't do so with a rifle perpetually held in their hands at "port arms". The rifle is normally slung when walking long distances so that the arms and hands are free to perform other tasks, like clearing a path, reading maps, drinking water, climbing, working binos, etc., etc., etc. - but of course anyone who actually does any sort of back country hiking would already know that...funny that you don't.

Second, as I stated before, when you encounter illegals and worse yet, "coyotes" hailing from MS13 or other gangs with Cartel ties, it's normally a close quarters, surprise situation. Unslinging a bolt-action hunting rifle, chambering a round and bringing it to bear is much more cumbersome and time consuming than simply drawing a handgun.

This is the same reason why most people don't walk around town with a slung rifle and instead opt to carry concealed handguns to deal with a surprise attack situation. Long guns just aren't practical in close quarters, surprise situations, on the street or in brush country - and for all the same reasons.

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