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Originally Posted by Louisville Glocker View Post

I'm assuming sarcasm here. Excuse me if I'm wrong, haven't had my coffee yet. I don't know where you live, but if you plan to travel you should realize that different states have different laws. Learn the laws in your own state first. Then expand from there. If you want to live in the wild, you can try borneo or Tanzania, or - well, there is probably nowhere left on this planet that is truly wild. But we live in a society and our society is governed by laws. I enjoyed the "Deadwood" series recently, where laws are just starting to come into play, and it was interesting and a fun show.

The guy was in violation of his own state laws!!! He can't blame it on not knowing about other states' laws.

BUT, and this is a big one, he would have been fine if he had gotten a license. We all get licenses to drive, which seems reasonable, and it isn't completely crazy that we get licenses to carry. In both cases, they may keep some of the wackos off the streets. The state DOES allow him to carry loaded, but he needs to jump through a couple easy hoops, like we all do throughout life.
He lives in a state where you can legally carry a loaded gun in the car...the way it should be in every state.

Sure, we are a nation of laws, but this is a stupid, senseless law that doesnt do anyone any good.

If someone is intent on murder, they dont care about laws and will carry in the car.

The only people who observe the law are people who arent a danger to anyone by having a gun in the car...accept maybe to criminals.
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