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I have read the responses, and I agree that ignorance of the Ohio law is no excuse. From what I understand, he had just stopped for gas, and gone into the station for some eats. The pistol, which he had on the seat beside him while traveling, was placed under his seat so as not to make his truck the target of a smash and grab. He apparantly failed to remove the pistol from under the seat (which would'nt have helped him under Ohio's law, but would have made carrying the non-concealed handgun legal under his home state's laws).

Anyway, he has been referrred to a local attorney, and hopefully will get the sympathy of the local District Attorney and be able to negotiate a misdemeanor plea with fine. My point was simply that you do have to be familiar with the gun laws (all laws for that matter) when you are traveling to or through other states.

I won't get into the debate about whether you should carry a handgun while hunting with another weapon, but in some situtations, and in some areas it makes perfect sense to me.

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