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Originally Posted by Jonesee View Post
2 Points:

I have hunted all my life and have never seen a reason to carry a handgun in the woods or back country. Sure sign of someone who is uncomfortable there or just trying to play make believe.

And. When I carry in a car, the gun is unloaded and packed in a case.
Originally Posted by Jonesee View Post
When you are hunting, you are already carrying a weapon.

You go in before sunrise and unless you are an idiot you have been in and out of the area 30 times before scouting and setting up.

Been hunting much?

I've hunted all over the country thanks to moving all over. Every place I have ever hunted and the men and boys I have hunted with would be laughing behind your back if you packed a pistol to head into the woods. (i admit to not hunting Alaska yet) maybe that is just me and my almost 50 years hunting. But that is the way I see it.

Carry a pistol while scouting before season in some parts of the country I can understand. Carrying a long gun pre-season may get you written up. But during season? Never.
Originally Posted by Jonesee View Post
Sorry guys. I believe what I believe.

You guys go in there with your 12" elephant skinner knives and black weapons and hand guns strapped to your leg. You will feel safe and I will laugh at you. And, we will both be tickled.

Been hunting alone since I was 9. I never once felt the need for a hand gun too. neither did my grandad, my dad and now my 3 grown sons. I've never hunted with a serious hunter that carried one either.
Again, I have hunted the plains, southern US and the Rockies. I've never hunted Alaska where it may be wise.

But to each his own.
You are blissfully ignorant of many things.

First off, your scouting means nothing with the newer meth cooking techniques. Around here, they often drop off the stuff in the evening and pick it up in the morning. It doesn't take days of sitting, anymore. I prefer to hunt deer when they are moving the most, in the morning and in the evening. In til dark, out after dark. That's when they're moving this stuff.

Add on top of that, poachers and trespassers are rampant and armed.

I recommend you carry a defensive weapon ALL THE TIME.

Originally Posted by bkkd View Post
Kentucky just passed a law allowing you to carry a handgun when hunting or fishing, even when bowhunting you can carry a firearm......hmmmmm wonder why?
So did KS, no permit to carry necessary, so long as you have proper documentation of legal huning actually going on. The law is specifically for a defensive weapon, open or concealed.

Originally Posted by uptomyneck View Post
IMO, the only POS in this whole scenario is the cop who arrested the OP's friend. Ruined a man's life for what? Admitting he had a big, scary gun. The pig should be ashamed of himself. But of course we know he won't. He generated revenue so it's all good.
Oh, good!! You're here...

You forgot about the POS's who MADE the laws and the POS's who made the roads only listed for that low speed limit and the POS's that made the vehicle he was in that was capable of performing an illegal act (speeding) and had enough cargo space to hold an illegal weapon.

It's okay, you seem to be new at pointing fingers. Just know, there is much more hate to be shared.

If the LEO was made aware of a felony and most likely didn't have the option of looking the other way.
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