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Yeah, failure to ID in texas is an arrestable misdemeanor. Not at good thing to decide not to do. The state issued you an ID, it is technically the property of the state. They can revoke it. You may have paid for the ID, but that is essentially a tax for the privelege of having that ID. If I get pulled over by a local, I don't argue about my ID.

I have done traffic stops, I have done felony traffic stops. I know exactly what he is thinking if I am stopped. The trouble is he can't figure out if I am a con or an LEO, because the wheels are canted away from the traffic flow, the window is down, the radio is off, and both hands are visible on the wheel. I don't get offended with having a flashlight in the driver's mirror either. I have used that trick many a time to keep someone from seeing well enough to take a good shot at me if that was their intention.

More often than not, if you are polite, professional, respectful, and responsive you won't have a problem if pulled over and aske for ID.
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