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Originally Posted by molar View Post
My slide is definately out of spec. See my post above

I took the non lci extractor and slb out of my gen 2 22 and tried it in the 19. It holds the 9mm case much more securely to the breechface than a 9mm extractor of an gen. I'm betting this solves my ejection problems. I'll know Friday for sure
So the winner is: "Tolerance Stacking". I think that's what someone called it. Not one issue in every case, but sloppy QC all over the system. Bad extractors, bad slides, bad EDP's, and who knows what else.

"Buying a Glock is like a box of choklits - you never know what you're gonna' get. My mama told me that".

I guess that's what I'm going to believe from now on about Glock. And I don't think Glock is the only company doing this.
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