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Originally Posted by dhgeyer View Post
Good points AA. Quite possibly all of the above and more - lots of explanations out there and most of them plausible. Your experiences with Glock and your perspective is enlightening to say the least.

I have the G19 and a S&W M&P Full Size 9mm. Both guns same price range, both had "issues" as purchased. The Glock has the erratic ejection, the M&P had less than stellar accuracy out of the box. It's also a bit bulky for EDC. I have been able to absolutely cure the M&P by installing a KKM match barrel. Now it groups better than the Glock. I had to make a shorter front sight to get to shoot where it looks, but that effort is behind me.

I waffle every day which gun to take with me. The M&P is absolutely reliable (1100 rounds now), has consistent ejection, and is accurate and dead on with "bizzness" ammo. The Glock has never out and out jammed (700 rounds now), is certainly accurate enough, and is easier to conceal. The Glock also has a better trigger for fast shooting. The M&P trigger can be made wonderful by the throwing of more wampum at Apex. I have not done that.

I can't say that I'm really happy with either company. They both put out product that has issues in X number of cases and don't seem to be in any hurry to find a fix. The problems with the Smith are pretty well sorted out by Internet savvy users, and the cures are known, albeit a bit pricey. The Glock issues are not settled, and there's no known way to be sure of solving them.

But the G19 is such a sweet all around gun.

I cannot help, but, to agree with everything you've stated.

(And, as unsatisfied with - and actually a little afraid of - my G-19(RTF2) as I'd be a fool NOT to be, I also like my compact Glock better than any other EDC, 'cheap plastic pistol'. What a truly damned shame that we, all, have to go through this!)

General Glocking

General Glocking

As you can see, 'Old habits die hard!' I am, presently, heavily invested in this, 'cheap plastic pistol'. If I'm ultimately unable to get this problem solved, ...... I'm going to take a, 'real financial bath'!
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