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Originally Posted by ADK_40GLKr View Post
...seriously rethinking my "Inexpensive reloading" venture. It seems a little more equipment will be a wise investment...
I'm retired from my 9 to 5 and on a "fixed" income and see that as even a greater reason to buy wisely the first time around.

You will without a doubt find that most around here recommend Dillon products - for a reason. But Dillon products aside, you also need a few bucks worth of 'support' equipment to make reloading less painful and more enjoyable AND safer.

I see you are using plated bullets. Is your crimp okay? Do you have a kinetic bullet puller to check the plating on the bullet at your crimp?

You will need a reliable caliper - not necessarily digital.

Above all, you will need a reliable scale - not necessarily digital. Read the recommendations and wise reviewers always return to Dillon in either case.

You will need a set of check-weights - NOT the calibration weights that come with the scale.

You may want some way to clean your brass - there are also threads about tumblers and ultrasonic cleaners.

There are in fact so many odds and ends that I've spent far more on those, than on my initial Dillon 650 press purchase. But I tend to NOT buy junk and continue to purchase things that make reloading easier and more enjoyable.

Before making any more purchase decisions, I would suggest that you keep reading this forum for a while to get an idea of who on here knows what they are talking about - and I am NOT putting myself in that group as I have only been reloading since March. I am however, like a sponge - and my mind works in wonderfully analytical ways so reloading has worked out for me so far.

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