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Originally Posted by Raleigh Glocker View Post
....... This is not a representation of my personal motivation to understand the world around me or me trying to get cozy with Glock. I think you're reading way too much into this. Heck, if that were my plan, this video was certainly a weird way of doing it.

I do appreciate your participation in this thread.
Well, thank you!

As you can, probably, tell my personal experience with Glock, Smyrna hasn't been good; in fact, I've been flat-out lied to and on more than one occasion. To my mind it makes no sense to spend between $40 and $60 dollars to send a pistol to Glock, Smyrna only to get, 'the bum's rush' and some lame-ass excuse as to why your Glock isn't working.

Most of my life I carried very expensive 1911 pattern pistols. Then I decided it didn't make a whole lot of sense to carry Austin Behlert, 'heirloom quality' 1911's (and Browning P-35's) around with me all day long. So, I took the, 'cheap plastic pistol plunge'.

Absolutely trouble-free and 100% reliable my Glocks have not been. The first two I bought were actually erratic life-threatening performers and had serious OOB problems. The factory did nothing but repeatedly lie to me about, 'Why' these pistols didn't work.

My eyesight remained in jeopardy the entire time I used them; AND, if the Portland Police Bureau and the Georgia State Patrol hadn't owned similar pistols and filed a joint lawsuit against Glock, GmbH/Inc. I would, in all probability, still be having problems with these pistols today.

(While I was using these defective Glocks a U.S. Secret Service Agent in NYC lost his eyesight when his G-21 exploded in his face! I consider myself very lucky to have been able to avoid the same unfortunate mishap and become another one of Glock, 'GmbH/Inc.'s hush-hush out of court settlements.)

Personally, I don't need to spend good money, lose a pistol for up to 3 months, and then get it back with some new parts (That I could have easily changed, myself, at my workbench) and a terse note that says something inane like, 'Pistol is within specification'.

More than once I've, also, had Smyrna tell me, 'Are you sure you're not limpwristing?' (This from people who weren't even born, yet, when I began pistol shooting!) I try to be philosophical about Glock pistols. They're cheap; they often work; and when they do work, they work well; BUT, Glock pistols don't always work; and they don't always work well.

To my mind the outstanding virtue of a Glock pistol is that with a few spare parts you can keep one up and running, 'forever'; and, with only a little technical knowledge and some other mechanical know-how, you can keep your Glock in good repair by working at home on your kitchen table.

Glocks are one of the cheapest pistols ever manufactured; that's a fact! They are NOT, however, trouble-free. Over the past two years, or so, Glock, GmbH has been on a severe cost-cutting spree. I've got two old Glocks from 2003 that I finally got to work right; and they are now 100% dependable, too.

Compared to what I see in dealers' showcases, today, the slide finish is better; the internal steel parts and plating are better; and even the frames appear to be better made than a lot of what I look at. (The springs you can forget about! First thing I do with any Glock is throw all the factory, 'contract springs' away and replace them with superior Wolff Gunsprings.)

Here's exactly, 'How' I've come to see things: If I had to depend on Glock, Smyrna to keep my pistols up and running, ALL of my EDC's would be either SIG, Kimber, or CZ. I don't want anybody telling me, 'It's the ammunition;' or, 'You're probably limp-wristing the pistol.'

I teach other people how to shoot; I'm way way past having anyone teach me; I've known and sat for hours on end at the workbenches of some of the most talented gunsmiths in America, too. I naturally resent it when some smug factory con artist tries to, 'pull the wool over my eyes' by offering lame excuses about why I can't get his cheap - and getting ever cheaper - plastic pistol to work properly.

Before this most recent Glock problem is all said and done, I'll get my BTF problem solved too. So far I've lost (or, depending upon your viewpoint, wasted) a couple of hundred dollars; it looks like I'm going to have to spend some more money, too; but, in the end, I'll have another cheap plastic Glock pistol for an EDC that doesn't endanger my eyesight every time I pull the trigger.

Is Glock, Smyrna going to have anything to do with a final solution to my BTF problems? Probably not, and certainly not anytime soon either. Historically, it would take direct involvement from the New York City Police Department, or The Portland Police Bureau in order to accomplish that!

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