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Id also sell something else out of your collection those are 2 of my favorite guns even though I own neither(I had my shot at a P6 and blew it and got a .22 Pistol for me and the kid instead(same $$) ) and ive shot held and love the 3913 but i was never able to find one for a REASONABLE amount ..I had a few offers but guys thought theirs were worth well over $500 and I disagreed lol(they wanted my Glock 23 the LW 40-9 conversion barrel my RM Lowrider holster AND $$ in a trade lol I was like GTHO lol). But IF I had those 2 in my lineup id #1 regularly carry both and #2 not get rid of either (unless someone wanted 1 in a trade for the HKP7 which is one of the only ones id want more than the P6 or 3913)
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