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Originally Posted by Arc Angel View Post
Wow! dhgeyer, you get, 'The Catch Of The Day Award'!

I wish I had your eyesight!

Nevertheless, that backwards EDP rod doesn't explain the rub marks on the actual head of Raleigh Glocker's EDP rod. That a backwards rod will adversely affect extraction/ejection is a given. The only question is, 'By how much?'
My eyesight isn't all that great. I've just been taking my slide apart and putting it back together again so much lately (trying out homemade and aftermarket extractor parts) that it jumped out at me.

RG has stated that the gun was never fired in that condition, so it's really a moot point.

The rub marks on the EDP has been noticed and discussed in other threads. I don't know if there is a consensus on this (what causes it and what it does), but I have my opinion. It happened to mine also. I noticed it after JBS pointed it out in another thread. My gun had about 500 rounds on it at that point. I can't say when it would have become visible had I been watching for it. I attribute this wear to a sharp edge on the front of the extractor assembly channel in the slide and the hardness of the slide. In my gun the original EDP is a loose enough fit in the channel that I would rule out binding.

JBS said that he has seen guns in his shop that had wear in this location that would almost surely impede steady tension on the extractor. I think that might be one small piece of the puzzle of why extraction/ejection can go bad on these guns after X number of rounds.

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