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I would be curious to know what steps Glock is taking to correct these issues, if any. Who knows? Glock inc. might be selling so many pistols that they don't care about the (possibly few) numbers that exhibit BTF.

My guess is that most gun owners don't shoot thousands of rounds through their guns like we do. . .
I was at a Glock Armorers class last week. Glock's response to the erratic ejection issue is:

(pick one or more)
It's not a wide spread problem that is hyped by the internet;
Check the ejector and RSA for the correct part;
If you have the correct ejector and RSA, send the pistol in for repair;
It could be caused by weak ammo;
It could be cause by limp wristing.

The instructor said it was not an extractor issue!

With all of these possibilities Glock has yet to explain why older Gen3 9mm Glocks run perfectly while newer Gen3 and Gen4 9mms are having issues.

I love my Gen4 9mms and hope the Apex extractor solves the erratic ejection issues.

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