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Originally Posted by Arc Angel View Post
Wow! dhgeyer, you get, 'The Catch Of The Day Award'!

I wish I had your eyesight!

Nevertheless, that backwards EDP rod doesn't explain the rub marks on the actual head of Raleigh Glocker's EDP rod. That a backwards rod will adversely affect extraction/ejection is a given. The only question is, 'By how much?'

I've read reports from shooters who had their EDP rods in backwards. In an otherwise properly functioning Glock it didn't seem to make much difference; the Glock still worked. So the question becomes, 'What effect does this mistake have on an improperly functioning Glock pistol?' I'm going to suggest that this would only further weaken already weak ejection; BUT, at no time in the past have I ever heard of this causing a BTF problem. BTF problems with Glock pistols are a relatively recent problem.

NOTE: Raleigh Glocker, if you want to, 'get in bed' with Glock, Smyrna that's entirely your business; but, personally, I'm more careful about whom I sleep with.
That was an amazing catch- one other viewer also caught it and posted on about it.

Like I mentioned, the G17 was never fired this way, and I just inserted stills into the Gen 4 G23 companion video I'm working on showing the G17's SLB in the correct orientation that day at the range.

I'm still at a loss here about "getting in bed" with Glock. All I am doing is seeing how they handle it so that I can share that on my YouTube channel for those who aren't apt to try to fix things themselves.

To me, this is just a tool that is easily replaced with countless others out there, including other Gen 4 G17s. Glock can't hurt me by being involved with this. If they screw it up, no big deal. I will just take over and do all the same things I'd be doing to it now without their input. That's what I would report in my follow up video, and others will be better for it. If they get it right, I can report on that.

This is not a representation of my personal motivation to understand the world around me or me trying to get cozy with Glock. I think you're reading way too much into this. Heck, if that were my plan, this video was certainly a weird way of doing it.

I do appreciate your participation in this thread.
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