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Originally Posted by Tiro Fijo View Post
A. You're breaking your wrists when you are getting BTF. Plain as day to see.

B. lose the operator gloves as they are over the top for the pistol range

C. make shorter vids that are to the point.
A. So since he has stated and demonstrated that initially it was ejecting fine, does this mean you think he's intentionally allowing it to happen just to prove some sort of point?

B. Maybe they're comfortable for him - not relevant, doesn't affect you at all, red-herring.

C. I quite enjoy his videos, he goes into detail about the nature of the part involved and whatnot, then does several shooting strings - each one being relevant to the video in that it is testing different ammo. Testing variables to eliminate causes is part of the scientific method to try to determine the source of the issue, hence it is valid in that context.

Seems more like you're just either in a bad mood, or have something against him personally for some reason, especially with point B.

Bottom line - if you don't like his style, don't watch. If this video is too long for you, watch his other ones that fit your preferences.
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