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Twice in my life I ended up being, 'covered' by two, or more, other hunters whom I caught trespassing on our farmland. That's NOT where you want to be when you're carrying a double barreled shotgun full of birdshot. (I wasn't out looking for trespassers when we met.)

Another time I was quietly walking along an isolated dirt road when I glanced over my shoulder to discover I was being followed by a pack of 5 or 6 (I don't think actually feral, but) partially wild dogs! They were definitely tracking me; and, when the pack leader recognized that I was aware of them, he began coming on strong and straight at me.

I picked up a stick; but, it did not deter these animals. Instead of running away they suddenly fanned out in a circle around me! I'm a dog lover; normally, I'd go to extraordinary lengths to avoid hurting a dog; but, that day was different; and I clearly recognized that I was about to become, 'dinner'.

So, I reached under my jacket and removed my 1911. When I racked the slide it sounded like a thunderclap in those quiet woods! The next thing I know every canine instantly, 'melted away' from the spot where he'd been standing. All of them went in a different direction. Those dogs disappeared so fast into the surrounding brush that I couldn't have taken an accurate shot if I'd wanted to.

A little while later I heard the creatures calling to each other so that they could reassemble the pack. In those days I walked through these woods a lot. I only saw one or two of those dogs again; and it was way off in the distance along some railroad tracks. (They, probably, knew I was there; but they, obviously also, knew what a gun can do; and they never came near me again.)

Is there a place in the woods for a sidearm? I'd have to say, 'Sometimes'. I've known deer hunters who would carry small 22 caliber revolvers in order to administer a coup de grace without damaging the head; but, I've got to agree; personally I've never understood, 'Why' someone who is not a sports magazine writer or a handgun factory representative would deliberately go hunting with a handgun. To me handgun hunting just makes no sense. So, what should I do? Go over and sit in the corner with Jim Zumbo?
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