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Originally Posted by ADK_40GLKr View Post
Yep, LGS gave me a good product in the Lee Press, but sold me the cheapest, most useless caliper he had!

Gonna see if Lowes might have the kind of scales and calipers I need.

Maybe if I get just a little more info (& less ignorant) I'd be wise to start buying on-line!
PLEASE use the search function on this forum and read and heed other's advice. This sub-forum is literally bursting at the seams with folks who ask for advice, receive the advice of experienced reloaders, then go off and do just the opposite from what is recommended to them - many only to realize that they should have taken the advice in the first place.

If you want an attractive bathroom scale - go to Lowes. Otherwise..... search for 'scale' on this forum. It doesn't have to be digital - clearly a beam scale has your current system beat for speed and acuracy.

If you want cheap functional digital calipers, go to Harbor Frieght - though it even seems like the later HF $20 dig calipers aren't so functional any longer.
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