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Originally Posted by fowl intent View Post
So, I have a good friend who went to Ohio for a week of deer hunting. Being a good ole NC boy, he took his handgun along with him. Well, he got stopped for speeding, and I'm not sure how or why this came up, but he volunteered that he had a handgun in the car. Turns out that it is a felony to carry a loaded handgun in Ohio, or at least that is what his hunting buddy relayed to me. Unfortunately he will have to spend the weekend in jail because he has to appear before a judge to have a bond set. This guy is in his 50's and has never seen the inside of a jail before this incident.

This started me thinking how careful you have to be when you travel from one state to another. Does anybody know if in fact it is a felony to carry a loaded handgun in Ohio? What if there was not a round in the chamber (of a semi-auto)? I assume that having a concealed carry permit from NC would not have changed the situation. It sure would be nice to have some sort of reciprocity between the states, so as not to have to deal with all of the quirky laws of different states.

Anybody else with a horror story to tell?
It sucks for your friend, but he did it to himself.

I cannot imagine why your friend thought it was a good idea to carry a concealed weapon without a permit, especially when traveling.

I am sympathetic, but he did it to himself with his ignorance.
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