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Originally Posted by hamster View Post
Sure the guy made some mistakes along the way. But lets not let the stockholm syndrome get out of hand folks.

The mistakes this guy made are simple errors of paperwork.

Assuming he has no criminal record that would prevent him from having a CCW, then his only true mistake was not unloading the pistol and magazine. He even informed the police officer...which clearly shows to me he has no intent to hurt anyone.

Lets all remember that the supreme law of the land affirms our God given right to keep and bear arms. Lets not condemn this man over what amounts to a simple paperwork snafu. This is a case where as a member of the Jury I'd nullify.
While I do sympathize with the guy, and I highly suspect the judge will let him off with leniency, this wasn't an error of paperwork.

He was in violation of state law. He was carrying a loaded accessible handgun when state law clearly prohibits it. The only paperwork involved is that he didn't bother to get a license.

Do you call it paperwork because laws are written on paper?

You don't have to agree with the laws, but if you break them, you just might go to jail.
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