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Originally Posted by SARDG View Post
I cannot even imagine what kind of cheap caliper you may have that has only a resolution of .01". The $20 Harbor Frieght models go to .0005 (inch) resolution, but read in .01 mm resolution. It sounds as though you are reading inches, but...

There are plenty of odds and ends you really should have in this 'hobby'; the aforementioned check-weights and a bullet puller are but 2 of them. You can actually get collet style pullers that will work in your press.

Since you are using a SS press, you should have plenty of time and opportunity to examine your work prior to making 100 similar mistakes.
Yep, LGS gave me a good product in the Lee Press, but sold me the cheapest, most useless caliper he had!

He had a nice digital scale I decided not to get at the time. That collet bullet puller sounds like it would be very useful. Probably NOT a very costly mistake, but I HATE wasting materials. Don't mind burning tens of $ in a shooting session, but it goes against my grain to DISCARD a single cartridge I've assembled!

Gonna see if Lowes might have the kind of scales and calipers I need.

Maybe if I get just a little more info (& less ignorant) I'd be wise to start buying on-line!
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