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Originally Posted by RichardB View Post
Owners of firearms discussing the morality of killing. We are a complicated species.
I agree. Even thought this ecard has nothing to to with abortion directly, everyone automatically assumes it does. If a woman really wants an abortion she is going to find a way to have one.

I think banning abortion just puts people at risk. You will have women making false claims of rape to get their abortion covered, then when the abortion is over, they won't cooperate with police any more. It will turn into accident reports for fender benders. You get knocked up and want an abortion- call police, say you got raped in a back alley by an unknown man, get case number, have abortion, the end. I can easily see this happening.

I think it will also put women at risk from having underground abortions. We just need to face it. Abortion is a part of society as much as we might not want to admit it, it is. There is a separation of church and state for a reason. This is a prime example. I don't believe in abortion, but I don't let my personal views and beliefs impact my legal ideas.
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