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Originally Posted by Bren View Post
Your friend's entire problem could have been avoided by getting a concealed carry permit, or by not volunteering information, or by not speeding. It took him several dumb steps to get put in jail.

I'm with Bren here. I could even add a couple more things that he didn't do (like take a look at the frickin' laws of the state he's going to).

In Ohio, it is a must inform state, so he actually did need to tell the officer that. But NC isn't a state where you can't just carry around an accessible handgun either. So WHAT THE HECK WAS HE THINKING? He wasn't even in compliance with his own state's laws. Sorry, the guy is a bonehead.

Do people just think "I'm going hunting. Gotta carry me some guns. Yahoo." and just get in their cars and expect everything to be hunting wonderland?

The guy should get a CCW license. It is one of the minor hoops we jump through. It gives you lots of extra rights in most states all around the country. For anyone who carries it is really a no-brainer.

People: if you want to carry guns legally, you need to know the laws. It is that simple!

(the us handgun law site, referenced above, is your best starting point). I live in one state (KY) and work in another (IN), so I'm in two states daily. Plus, OH is very close (I was at a Reds game three weeks ago, DID NOT carry into the game, but had gun in car). You've got to know the laws, or you can see what may happen.
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