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Originally Posted by NBT View Post
Thanks...I have two boxes of BB +P for the 40 and the 45. Were on 9000 acres of private property, so I doubt there would be a problem. I often thought of getting a Bear permit, but my stand isn't really where they hang out and it's an extra $350. Were bowhunting deer...and coyote are a bigger problem to be honest with ya...I do like my 23...mightl bring them both.
9000 acres? Sign me up!!! If I were you I'd bring the 23. Smaller, easier to pack, pretty much does the same thing as the 21SF. The chances of needing it for a bear are probably small.

I find that I like my 23 more than most any other pistol. I just wish shooing it wasn't like putting gas in my car!

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