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Question, if under powered ammo was the culprit for all the problems that Glock's are having, wouldn't the issue present itself right out of the box and not 1000 rounds later when the guns are broken in? On a brand new gun everything is tight and the springs are stiff, if under powered ammo was an issue wouldn't new guns choke on it?

I have two gen 3 9mm's, a 19 and 26. I have about 600 rounds through each gun, all WWB (and a few boxes of Wolf steel). The 19 hasn't missed a beat, around the 200 round mark the 26 had two BTF out of the same mag, then no issues after that. It will be at least another 6 months until I get over the 1000 round mark, if there is a problem it would be nice to have a factory fix.
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