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Originally Posted by MrMurphy View Post
Subloads absolutely suck, I avoid them unless there is no other way (spare 40mm, multiple layers of extra gear, etc) and only lightweight stuff.

For competition the kydex models work best for most. If you go to a warbelt, a couple HSGI Tacos and a good retention type holster will work well.
No freakin' kidding. Even thigh holsters suck, much less trying to load 4-6 mags on a drop leg.

My padded belt currently holds an ESEE knife, double/double mag pouch, dump pouch, hydration, IFAK/blowout kit, and a G-Gode XST RTI holster. I started with a basic Blackhawk belt set (because they were fairly cheap, and I just wanted to try the concept out), but I have an HSGI SGPB inbound to replace it.
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