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Thanks for watching!

Not advocating a one size fits all technique in any way. In the video, I mentioned that my firing hand thumb can't quite achieve a solid purchase on the slide stop (and I don't run extended slide stops on any handgun).

As such, for me, it makes more sense to use my support hand thumb. The bonus is that I can use the same technique on any handgun that has a slide stop (especially 1911s which require support hand thumb manipulation of the slide stop).

Some advocate the overhand rack as a one size fits all...for me that is way too slow. Find what works best for you and evolve.

BTW, as I seat the magazine my support hand thumb can easily manipulate the slide stop and I have a more positive engagement thereof.

Thanks again for your comment!

Originally Posted by talon View Post
Well personally I would never settle for a one size fits all. I want a custom fit.

For glocks the strong hand is perfectly indexed for a slide release while the weak hand seats the mag.

Why would you ask your weak hand to seat the mag and then acquire an index for a slide release ?
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