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Originally Posted by Yankee2718 View Post
To be honest, I'm not sure the ACP will pack enough penetration. Perhaps a 230+P XTP/FMJ/FMJ-FP would do the trick. If it were me, I might pack the 23 with some 180gr FMJ rounds. Sure, the FMJ isn't legal to hunt with, but you aren't "hunting" with the pistol. I doubt if you shot an aggressive bear with an FMJ that anyone would give you a hard time, as long as you were justified.

Check out some of the underwood or buffalo bore stuff. People seem to really like their products.
Thanks...I have two boxes of BB +P for the 40 and the 45. Were on 9000 acres of private property, so I doubt there would be a problem. I often thought of getting a Bear permit, but my stand isn't really where they hang out and it's an extra $350. Were bowhunting deer...and coyote are a bigger problem to be honest with ya...I do like my 23...mightl bring them both.
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