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Originally Posted by unit1069 View Post
I'm not, by your definition. And I'm certainly glad my staid lifestyle isn't subject to inordinate paranoia even though I'm aware that crime can occur anywhere.

Situational awareness, locked doors and windows, and an alert dog go a long way in preventative measures. While I do often have a pistol readily available within the home it's in Condition 3 to avoid a possible negligent discharge.

Outside the home the situation and reason for being in that situation, the time of day, the overall routine, etc ... dictate whether or not I CCW. I do think most CCW permit holders would admit they don't carry a significant percentage of their waking moments unless they live, work, or frequent in high crime areas.
I'm sure they would admit that. But most permit/license holders are not the type of person who regularly posts on forums such as Glock Talk, either.

I suspect that most people who are licensed rarely carry. They are either unwilling to spend the time/money to get a comfortable setup, are unwilling to go to the trouble or hassle (which they often perceive as being much greater than it is/could be), they get it to be able to have a gun in the car, or they get it 'just in case'
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