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Originally Posted by PrecisionRifleman View Post
I've seen the video of the girl killing the hog. The results in that video are the exact reason a 40S&W should not be used. She had to use the entire magazine. Pumping round after round into a game animal is unethical. Also there is a significant difference between a 40S&W in a compact, and a warm handloaded 10mm in an extended 6" barrel IMO. In this format the 10mm beats out the 357Mag. and is moving into lower end 41 Mag territory.
At the ranges you used the pistol, sure, you're correct. I don't plan on using it for anything longer than 20-25 yards. Anything longer and I'll just use my rifle. I just don't see the point in blasting a deer with an '06 at 10 yards when a well placed 40 will do the trick. Also, using a scope, even at 3x at close ranges is difficult. I used to live in a shotgun only state. We had thick woods and normally ranges were short, maybe 75 yards at the most. A lot of guys would carry a revolver for short range work instead of slamming a 1oz slug into them.

I don't own a revolver. If I did, I'd probably bring that along. But I do own a .30-06 and a Glock 23.
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