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Originally Posted by SARDG View Post
The picture's well out of focus, but it does look more like a .45 sizer was used, than a .40.
OK, Here's what went wrong: the decapper came loose and I set it too low. So when I was "decapping", I wasn't running the sizer all the way down the case. Went back to the bench and resized a few with the decapper out, and THAT worked fine.

Also set the seater for the right length - approx 1.12
(And what good is a caliper that only measures to .01"?) and was able to pull and re-seat a couple bullets...

So now I have 95 PRIMED .40 cases that need to be resized properly, and I don't think I'd better fill any more cases until I have a good scale and a decent caliper.

The 5 I made the other day measured 1.12' on that CHEAP digital caliper and fired OK at the range. I had 5 others that I had crimped too short, and couldn't pull the bullets, so I'll just chalk them up to the cost of learning.

Like I said, I'm a real novice at re-loading, but I want to learn to do this right.
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