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Originally Posted by Jonesee View Post
When you are hunting, you are already carrying a weapon.

You go in before sunrise and unless you are an idiot you have been in and out of the area 30 times before scouting and setting up.

Been hunting much?

I've hunted all over the country thanks to moving all over. Every place I have ever hunted and the men and boys I have hunted with would be laughing behind your back if you packed a pistol to head into the woods. (i admit to not hunting Alaska yet) maybe that is just me and my almost 50 years hunting. But that is the way I see it.

Carry a pistol while scouting before season in some parts of the country I can understand. Carrying a long gun pre-season may get you written up. But during season? Never.
Yeah i hunt with a Bow and the bow is not a good weapon to have to defend yourself with. And i been bowhunting for 15 years, Every serious hunter i know carries a handgun with them when hunting! Your living in a dream world if you think the woods are entirely safe place to be, I've been hunting in the UP in Michigan and been 12 miles in away from anything resembling civilization.
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