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Originally Posted by SCSU74 View Post
Wasn't sure if one zero would work for everyone, cool that it does. Would that translate to red dots as well?
I've been to rifle classes where they zeroed you in to every exact CLICK so it was juuuuust perfect for you, at least the way you were holding it that day. Then the most recent instructor I had (at my new dept) would just spin the adjustment wheel one way, and have me shoot. Look at my group, then spin it whichever way needed. Have me shoot again until the group was closer. Not a lot of precision, but he stopped adjusting when my group was relatively tight. The way he explained it, our LEO patrol rifle usage is not to make any single-dot precision sniper shots... but to get the rounds approximately where we aim, quickly. Gave me a different way of looking at things.

^^ I think that's the principle behind department rifles. Not perfect for anyone, but will work for everyone.
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