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Originally Posted by glock2740 View Post
First off, my post was not directed at you. So don't try and call me out with one of the dumbest posts I can remember seeing on here or anywhere else, as far as that goes, in a long long time. You do your thing and I'll do mine. I don't give a rats ass if you carry or don't. But leave me out of your silly posts.
Well, I'm sorry if I misjudged who your post was directed towards. Who were you referring to?

Saying my statements are dumb and silly probably means you (1) don't understand them and/or (2) you don't have the ability to rebut them.

When you launch a sarcastic post without identifying the target, you should expect a defensive response from anyone who might feel it's sting. Had you not spouted off, I would have had nothing else to say. We were having a very positive discussion based on sharing points of view.

I apologize to the OP and others who were contributing to the discussion for my rant.

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