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2010 hit it on the head...and one reason I stay away from serrated knives as well. I do have one combination edge, and it's okay.
They have their place I guess...but sharpening them is a royal PITA. What a shame...looked like a nice knife.
I would certainly take it up with whomever did that...or start climbing the food chain from there. I thought Cutco had lifetime sharpening service/warranty on their knives? May be wrong on that but it might be worth asking them about it...who knows...they may go out of their way and "give" you another knife or discount the model that was damaged.
Worst they could say is no.
Cutco could certainly use that one for a display of what not to do with one of their knives (not intended to be a smart remark).
Regardless, I hope you get a decent resolution to the problem at hand...doesn't even look like he tried to sharpen the factory serrations...just made some new ones in the process...crazy.
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