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Originally Posted by SDGlock23 View Post
Unless perhaps you're packing a big revolver (.44 Mag, heavy .45 Colt and up), most handguns will not be your primary hunting tool, 10mm included and the OP stated that the pistol would accompany his rifle. Deer aren't exactly hard to kill, and service calibers will get the job done up close, which is more an issue of shot placement and not power. We all know a .22 will kill deer, so it's obvious a 9mm or anything bigger will too, heck there's a video of a girl killing a 900+lb hog with a .40.
I've seen the video of the girl killing the hog. The results in that video are the exact reason a 40S&W should not be used. She had to use the entire magazine. Pumping round after round into a game animal is unethical. Also there is a significant difference between a 40S&W in a compact, and a warm handloaded 10mm in an extended 6" barrel IMO. In this format the 10mm beats out the 357Mag. and is moving into lower end 41 Mag territory.

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