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Originally Posted by gatorboy View Post
I know BB, DT and G-A all have GD's back in their lineups. Other's to check out include Reeds and Underwood.
Since the big American ammo companies provide an excellent array of .357sig ammo I've decided to stick with their factory rounds, although I'm happy that the boutique companies finally have access to the Gold Dot bullets again.

Now if some reputable company decides to offer a substantial line of .357sig JHP self-defense rounds in the 130-150 grain weight I'd really be tempted. The Double Tap 147-grain Gold Dot expanded well into three water jugs in the one and only backyard test I ever conducted. I also fired a 147-grain Hornady XTP on that same outing but the bullet passed through three jugs, glanced the side of the fourth and was never recovered. tnoutdoors' test of this XTP showed 16+" penetration with somewhat less expansion than the brand name self-defense bullets.

However, given the excellent results from the bonded and non-bonded .357sig "name" loads I don't want to overthink the issue. At this moment in time it seems to me the 125-grain Gold Dot, Golden Saber Bonded, and HST provide a self-defense profile exactly where they're supposed to be. A heavier bullet might yield an advantage for barrier penetration and shots at distance, as well as additional advantage against wild animals.
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