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Originally Posted by hamster View Post
Ohio laws are getting better but we do have crazy stuff still on the books.

Even if the gun and loaded magazine were locked up in separate parts of the car in a safe the driver didn't have a key to, it is still considered carrying a loaded weapon and thus illegal. UNLESS the guy has a Concealed carry permit. If he has one for NC, he'd best get a copy of it prior to seeing the judge.
Left Ohio in 1979 and gun laws was one of the reasons. I could go on about what I saw as hypocritical about law enforcement but don't want to spend the time typing. (I'm very slow and it would take hours).

Went to a family reunion this summer and one of my cousins, a retired deputy, made a snide comment why he never came to visit me in Wyoming. Too many of us carry guns and he wouldn't be comfortable.

BTW, I was carrying concealed and he didn't even know.

Too bad your friend didn't come to Wyoming to hunt. A loaded handgun in a vehicle was never illegal since I have been here. Now Wyoming is a no permit state like VT, AK and AZ.

I do and will maintain my Wyoming and Utah permit. Comes in handy when I travel.
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