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Originally Posted by dhgeyer View Post
Southwind: That is a very interesting and informative post. Thank you! Those numbers are very telling indeed.

I have found the answer to my own question. The Apex extractor will not have the angle. I first determined this by doing a Google Image search and looking carefully at some pictures of the Apex unit. Then I really hit gold. I don't remember where, but I found a posting (or maybe it's even on their website - I just forget) where Randy Lee talks about the development and his thoughts on the Apex extractor. He confirms that, in his opinion, the angled stock extractor is a major problem, and the Apex unit will have a claw the edge of which is parallel with the surface opposite it. In other words, up and down, not angled.

Now if they would just go into real production so I can get one.........
I have an Apex extractor. I can confirm that the claw is parallel to the breechface
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