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ok, whos been messing around at my deerstand.......

First off, I don't believe in bigfoot.......too many trail cams, flir systems, etc for a damn giant ape to stay hidden for this long...these pics were taken at my hunting area about a week ago...the ground was kind of hard and i didn't see anyway somebody could make a print that deep in the ground without some kind of force behind it. No tire tracks or man footprints there either.

long, about a four to five foot stride between the prints. one right behind the other one. What ever it was it was following my deer trail, if you haven't hunted there you wouldn't know where the deer come out at.

one other thing too tho, last year in the same stand i heard howls and tree knocks that i couldn't explain.........
no joking this is for real what i found.

The Okie Corral
The Okie Corral
The Okie Corral
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