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And to people complaining about the price, Randy Lee explains why...

Originally posted by Randy Lee:
Greetings all,

I wanted to chime in on a few things. First, I have been constantly monitoring this and various forums to see the responses as to what people think about the price, our marketing and more importantly, the functioning of our extractor. I find it rather sad that many would judge me, my company or its' practices without ever knowing who we are personally, nor the development of a complex product like the extractor.

For those who find it distasteful that we would charge $60.00 for the part, I would ask you to take your Glock factory extractor to a local machine shop and get a quote from them to machine. I think the reality of the actual cost might just surprise you. You will need to factor in the material, heat treat pricing and finishing. Many will find that their local machine shop won't even touch the project. Then there is always the possibility that the reproduction you have made won't work or fit. Back to square one, redesign and pay for more prototypes to be made before you can get to the point that you can produce the part for sale.

Eleven beta testers from around the country began running guns with our extractors over the past year. Their data was necessary to prove that our part was designed correctly and did the job under a variety of conditions. Some of them would publicly post results to let others know, good or bad how the product was performing. It was not a sleazy marketing attempt as some have alluded to. And I find it sad that some of the responses to them were beyond disrespectful. To them I publicly apologize for putting them in a position where they needed to defend their good names and reputations.

I began working on the project after several dear friends who are LEOs asked for help because they are required to carry the Gen 3 and 4 guns and have no confidence in them to perform when their lives or others are on the line. It wasn't to make loads of money, or sell snake oil as one person put it on another forum. It was to help them. Period. Is sixty dollars a lot for an extractor and a spring? Yes. Please mention that to the families of the officers who have installed our kit in their duty pistols.

As Scott said, we will continue to look at price reducing manufacturing techniques. But I will be damned if I am going to do anything that sacrifices the safety margins I designed into this or any other part we sell. I have seen enough of this in our industry and I am tired of it.

Originally posted by Randy Lee:
Please bear in mind that prototype runs are expensive. 11 parts at over $100.00 per part. That was the third iteration that was sent to the beta testers so the cost adds up quickly. Eleven testers who put the part in several different guns, and even let friends install the parts in their guns to broaden the sample size.

There is a limit to our financial resources, and I am not about to ask my employees if they wouldn't mind taking a cut in pay to have an order of magnitude larger sample population.

The other part of this story is that it is a self limiting market. Sooner or later the factory will figure out the solution. The question is how long? And how long do those individuals who are experiencing (and are affected by it- two very different groups)want to wait for a solution? For a large manufacturer like Glock, reverse engineering can be a very simple matter. I never intended our extractor to sell in droves. That was not my goal.


more info here:

Disclaimer: I was one of the 11 Beta Testers of Apex's extractor but NOT an employee or paid for my testing.
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