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Originally Posted by WinterWizard View Post
It says you bought the gun in June 2008. That is nearly 4 years ago. And your experience is your own and not typical of G36s. You got a bad gun with a weird problem. Deal with it. Stop whining. Just because you had a problem with your G36 does not mean it's indicative of EVERY G36.

By the way, the three brands of ammo listed on the blog (Remington, Winchester and Blazer) are all notorious for being weak. Standard velocity out of a 5" barrel for .45 acp is about 830-850 fps. I would gander those three brands are probably in the 750-800 range. I try to avoid them if at all possible. And I don't care what the box or their website says. Read the fine print. All cheap ammo will say somewhere, "Subject to change" or "Subject to variances." This is their get out of jail free card to manufacture weak ammo and save on powder, in turn maximizing profit. You can't blame a gun that won't run on ammo that is not even SAAMI spec. Try American Eagle, Speer Lawman, Sellier & Bellot or Fiocchi. Stay away from Winchester, Remington, Blazer, PMC and I am sure many more off brands that I won't even bother to gamble on.

Not saying ammo is the problem with the G36 in question, but it certainly isn't helping if the problem can't be duplicated with Corbon +P ammo.

A lot of American ammo is weak. Corporate greed rules the day. Glock made the mistake of redesigning their gen4's for real ammo and it has backfired. Most American range ammo is weak and a lot of new shooters buy Glocks. It's no wonder between the weak ammo and poor grip that a lot of guns are not generating enough energy to positively extract and eject consistently.
If a gun sold in the USA won't reliably fire American made range ammunition, then it is junk.

The G36 problems were discussed long and hard on this and other bulletin boards well before your time. It was not the Glock Red Herring called limp wristing that caused the problems. As a result I waited and waited until Oct 2010 to get mine. No issues so far, don't keep meticulous records about how many rounds downrange.

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