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Originally Posted by Jonesee View Post
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I have hunted all my life and have never seen a reason to carry a handgun in the woods or back country. Sure sign of someone who is uncomfortable there or just trying to play make believe.

And. When I carry in a car, the gun is unloaded and packed in a case.
I'm not sure where you spend time in the wilderness, but in South Texas it's generally a stupid idea NOT to be carrying a hangun when in the hinterlands - not because of the wildlife, but because of the drug traffickers and "coyotes" that run illegals through many such remote tracts of land.

Used to be that the illegals kept to themselves and were no problem, even when encountered. In the last two decades, however, gangs like MS13 have gotten deeply involved in the "coyote" racket of shepherding illegals and encounters with those guys can get dicey.

That being said, always know the gun laws in the area where you will be carrying as well as the areas you will be driving through to get there.
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