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New to the Glock Family

Around the first week of August, I bought a new Glock 19, after never owning a handgun before. I have always owned a rifle and a shotgun, but had the urge to buy my first pistol since several of my friends at church are into CCW's, also. After constantly reading forums and watching Hickok45 on Youtube, I went to my local gunshop/range and shot a box of bullets through a Glock 21SF RTF - the "Great American hand cannon", as a friend of mine calls it. SOLD, and addicted !!! So, I now own 2 Glocks and I have discovered that I now have a new hobby, since both of my daughters are out of the house and are in college.

In am in need of opinions on the following two items. First, what is the advantage/disadvantage of a stainless steel guide rod in both guns and second, do y'all prefer rail-mounted lights OR night sights ??

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