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Did I mention I'm a total newbie to reloading?

Originally Posted by steve4102 View Post
Don't care whether I'm seen with them as long as what is heard is not KA-BOOM!

I measured one with my CHEAP caliper and both top and middle read .42 though it moved some within that range. Here's a photo, the bulge is most noticeable with the one on the left.

Edit: When I went back to take photos, I tried loading and seating the bullet in a couple, and what I found was the bullet pushed all the way into the case. So I'm guessing that the seating die was loose, and probably the sizing die was also, thus not re-shaping the shell.

As I'm not clear on the terminology for the parts of the dies, its going to be difficult to understand any responses to the question on how to set up the dies.

I think I'll take em back to my LGS, and ask the tech how to do it properly.

(I'm beginning to understand why some noobs ask such stupid questions about Glocks!)
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